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The Griller

The Griller

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Be the hero of grilling season and serve up the best beef!

Includes approximately

5lb Ground Beef

2lb Ribs

2lb Sirloin Steaks

1lb Ribeye or T-Bone Steaks


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Delicious and Nutritious Beef

Transform your family's well-being with our premium, locally raised beef. Experience the freedom of having mouthwatering beef conveniently stocked in your freezer, ready to nourish your loved ones with a wholesome and delectable meal.

Quality Assurance

If you are not completely satisfied with your beef, we'll buy it back!

  • "We have ordered twice from Canyon Beef and have been extremely pleased each time. The steaks are juicy and flavorful. The roasts are tender and delicious. Hands down, it is the best ground beef we have ever eaten!"

    Stephanie N. Amarillo, TX

  • "The beef is amazing! I had a cookout with store bought beef skirt and a friend had brought some of Canyon Beef's beef skirt and the difference was instantly noticeable upon the first bite. Incredibly fresh, juicy and tasted leagues better than the store bought beef!"

    Chris C. Ft. Worth, TX

  • "I've managed ranches and feed yards; bought and sold cattle. I am very particular about my beef. This without a doubt is some of the best I've ever had."

    Joel W., Canyon, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Small Batch”?

Our farms are small and so are our herds. We are committed to sustainable farming practices and are careful to not overgraze. The grass must last for generations! Also, keeping our herds small allows us to “know” our cattle. How they will behave, birth and mother their calves. Yes, the cows have names.

What does grass fed mean?

Our cattle don’t just feed on grass but are free to roam the prairie. They eat the natural grasses that have grown here since the time buffalo roamed free. As a matter of fact, the local university’s mascot is the Buffalo! 

Why grain finished?

We’ve eaten a lot of beef in our day and when cattle are finished out on grass there is typically not much marbeling (fat inside the meat). Although that sounds good it comes at a cost of the flavor. We do a limited time on our own grain regimen without hormones or antibiotics that produces just enough marbeling to produce a great flavor. We know you will taste the difference!

Where are the cattle raised?

Our farms are right here in the Canyon, Texas, not far from Palo Duro Canyon State Park. It’s how we got our name. See what we did there?

How are the cattle treated?

It’s a pretty Cush life. They roam free and are only worked twice a year. The cattle are treated humanely. We use tagging instead of hot iron branding. They don't know what a feedlot is.

So, do they ever get antibiotics?

If one of our cows or calves get sick and might die, we are going to give them the appropriate antibiotic, just like we would one if it were one of our family members. But we do not routinely give antibiotics to all the cattle. If a beef has been treated with an antibiotic it is marked as such so we don’t try to pull the wool over your eyes. (or would that be cowhide?)

How about hormones?

We never give hormones. We only rely on what grows naturally (grass and grain) to produce their growth.

Do you ship?

You bet we do! Each bundle is carefully packaged in an insulated box with dry ice. We ship exclusively with FedEx to get it to you quick so you can start enjoying that mouthwatering, tasty beef! Cost depends on distance from our farm.

Can I pick it up if I’m local?

Yes, in fact it will save you money on the shipping cost. 

Our Story

What do you get when you cross a Cowboy with a Doctor? High quality, nutritious beef.  


Let us tell you our story. Walter Donais and Dr. Brian Sims met over a horse grazing deal. Dr. Sims grew up raising cattle but pursued a medical profession in orthopedic surgery for the past 30+ years. At the same time Walt had spent his entire life caring for cattle as a cowboy. In time they wanted to get back to their roots of raising cattle themselves and partnered with the goal of producing quality, flavorful beef. Thus, Canyon Beef was born.


We begin with Corriente cows, a hardy breed known for their extra lean meat and crossed them with Red Angus bulls, known for their muscular build. We are committed to pasture raising the cattle without hormones or antibiotics. The cattle are raised on our small farms in the Texas Panhandle in a stress free environment. They never see the feedlot.


We then finish them ourselves on a limited grain regimen to produce just the right amount of marbling for that flavorful steak on your table. Give us a try. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll buy your steak back!